Mama + Me Sessions

for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Mama knows best…

...and she deserves the best.


Every year in October, I offer Mama + Me Mini Sessions in honor of my favorite time of year and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My hope is to capture the essence of motherhood and the strength, perseverance, and great reward of bonding with your little one. For these  photographs to be something you cherish for the rest of  your lives. These sessions will document those special and intimate moments  and the strong bond between mama and little one(s). Whether you are currently breastfeeding, not able to, supplemented, or have breastfed in the past. Whether you have given birth, fostered, adopted... no matter how you have been adorned with the title of "mama," these sessions are for you. 


In relation to Breast Cancer Awareness, studies show that breastfeeding can lower the risk of breast cancer.

 "Little girls who are breastfed and grow up to breastfeed their own children have an even lower risk of breast cancer. If breast cancer is diagnosed, mothers typically face emergency weaning, surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments... Today, many patients choose breast-conserving surgery. While radiation therapy typically kills the milk-making tissue in the breast along with the cancer, there have been several cases of partial milk production in women who later gave birth." 

-Barbara Wilson-Clay BS, IBCLC


Mama + Me Mini Session: $300

What's included: 

  • 30 minute session on October 25th (inquire for available times)

  • Full resolution digital images with printing rights

  • Website to view, download, and share your images

  • Location: Building 177, Bridal Suite, Liberty Station

  • On-site hair styling by XO Beauty Co

  • A flower crown for mama + plant styling by Bat Country Design Co.

  • Boobie Bar bars + shakes at the shoot

  • An entry into a giveaway to win a Milky Mudra custom jewelry + a Pigment gift card.

  • Light snacks + refreshments at the shoot

20% of the proceeds go to to help pay for mammograms, care, and support for women in need.



Mama, these are for you. These are for all moms. Moms with babies in the womb or babies in their arms. Moms with toddlers. Moms with kids of all ages. Moms who are currently breastfeeding or never have (or have stopped). They aren't for any one specific mom. You don't have to be breastfeeding to book a session. Just plainly and simply, these sessions are for mamas to support other mamas (and women in general) with breast cancer. 

There is a set schedule with session times on October 25th. The spots are first come-first serve and the prime times go quickly! Fill out the form below to reserve the time that works best for you.

In the previous year as well as this year, 20% of the proceeds go to We are constantly on the hunt for organizations that help provide resources to breastfeeding mothers with breast cancer. The hope is to be able to take away the stress of finding donor milk or supplementation for mothers who face going through treatment, emergency weaning, and the difficulties of providing breast milk. If you know of an organization like this, please send us their information!



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