Odds + Ends:

  • I like puns more than any normal human.

  • Cats are my jam but before you pump the brakes, I like dogs too.

  • Currently learning all about teeny tiny fingers, cheeks, toots, and giggles through motherhood

  • Unapologetically passionate about empowering women

  • I'd rather accessorize with a tattoo.

  • My favorite emoji is the rock hand

  • Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Etta James are on heavy rotation.

Let's not be strangers anymore

Most people call me Tine ("Teen").  Gratefully a daughter of the King, wife, mother, storyteller, and strong believer in the healing powers of kindness. I'm a  Jersey-born, California-adopted girl, chasing dreams and pointing cameras at things.

One thing is really clear to me -  stories have always held me captive. Whether I’m reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, or photographing, I’ve always been drawn to the art of telling a story.


Photography Style



A lot of people ask about my style of photography. The answer isn’t exactly as black and white as I always thought it would be. I'm drawn to darker, moodier, and dramatic images. I like to think of this as my style baseline. Unconventional style, quirkiness, grit, and character are all the kinds of things that get me excited to grab my camera and shoot. Every moment, wedding, event, and image varies so much. I really aim to capture each wedding and session exactly as it is felt. I try to capture the essence of the day while remaining true to a style that represents me and relaying the story that represents you.



These are the people I dance around the house with



I'm all about making new connections and having conversations over cups of coffee (or insert beverage of choice). You've made your way to my page for a reason. There was something that drew you in here. Whether you've begun the ultimate search for the right wedding photographer you feel a connection with, or you're interested in a collaboration, I would love to know your story and what brought you here. Click that button below and let's do coffee sometime!