W E D D I N G S   &   E L O P E M E N T S


These aren't just images, they're heirlooms.

The music dies down. The guests go home. The flowers eventually dry. But, your photos? Those last forever.  My goal and hope is that every time you re-visit your photos your heart swells with happiness and the memories rush back like a big, beautiful wave. My hope is that the only tears that well up are happy tears.

Not much of a crier? You can just say you were cutting onions.

Trust me. You want your wedding documented with hands and eyes that care about those photos as much as you do.

And if I may be so bold, I'm your girl for the job.

Here's to photos that grab you by the heart and make you sing like Aretha Franklin.
What kind of a good time are we about to have?